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Happy Labor Day! Observe the holiday over on our blog where we’ve gathered books that tell the stories of hard-fought labor movements and the struggles workers still face: 

Fun Fact: The Flatlanders played the first Kerrville Folk Fest in 1972. They played in front of a long-haired LBJ and legendary Longhorn coach Darrell K Royal.

Today is International Day of the Disappeared.

So That All Shall Know is a moving testament to the horrors of genocide and the power of art to give voice to the silenced and presence to the disappeared. #DayoftheDisappeared

Robert Rodriguez gets emotional after being honored by the San Antonio Association of Hispanic Journalists. The Cinema of Robert Rodriguez, a long overdue book on his contributions to Latino representation in the film industry comes out this October!

46 years ago today in Chicago, clashes between police and protestors outside the Democratic National Convention threatened the tenets of free speech.

Days later, Harry Belafonte was to appear on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, intercutting his performance with footage from the 1968 riots. Censors deleted the segment before it aired. Belafonte reflects on that attempt at performance activism in this video.

Judith Smith’s book Becoming Belafonte is out now. 

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We are thrilled to announce a gift of approximately 120 modern and contemporary Latin American artworks from The University of Texas at Austin alumni Judy and Charles Tate. In addition, the Tates have made a major contribution towards the endowment that supports the museum’s Latin American curatorship. Artists in the collection include Tarsila do Amaral, Lygia Clark, Frida Kahlo, Carlos Mérida, Wifredo Lam, Armando Reverón, Diego Rivera, Alejandro Xul Solar, and Joaquín Torres-García, among others.

The Blanton will present a selection of approximately 70 works from the collection in an exhibition entitled La línea continua, opening September 20.  To learn more, visit

A hearty congratulations to the Blanton Museum of Art! This is wonderful news for Latin American culture at utaustin!

Way to go, Jack Allen’s Kitchen! Thanks, Eater! Now we’re really hungry.

Yes, texasmonthly, we can confirm that Red State’s index includes an entry for “Travolta, John.”

From Wendy Davis to Rick Perry, Tribune Fest brings together over 200 of our brightest leaders for 3 days to discuss our most pressing issues. Full schedule just announced! With 44 sessions to choose from, start planning now.

Check out Jack Gilmore’s recipe for Texas Quail Pibil from the forthcoming Jack Allen’s Kitchen cookbook in the Texas Parks & Wildlife hunting issue.